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New Expanded Version Available Fall of 2018

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"Brian nails the concepts behind real manhood in his unique voice. I started reading it and couldn't put it down. In my own meandering journey to manhood, no one ever taught these concepts to me. I had to fall into them. Brian is able to eloquently lay them out and give me a lighthouse to run toward. The importance of having guy friends that truly love you and hold you accountable is important for all of us to remember and practice. I have four kids - two sons - who I want to build in to using the 5 marks of manhood. They will be better husbands, fathers, friends and kingdom builders because of it."

Kirk Perry
President, Brand Solutions, Google

Kirk Perry Picture

"Five Marks of A Man is a call to arms. Men stand up for their beliefs, they are protectors and they hold each other accountable. Iron sharpens iron. This book will sharpen you."

Rorke Denver
Former Navy Seal

Author and host of "American Grit"
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"Calling all men- I’m convinced this book will help you be a man- a true man. Ultimately a true man of God. Brian Tome is a pastor and leader who has a passion for helping lift the standard of what true manhood is, should, and can be, so grab a copy, get your highlighter out, jump in, and man up!"

Brad Lomenick
Former president of Catalyst

Author, The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership
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